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Northcoast Audio • Authorized Dynaudio Speakers Dealer • Eureka, CA http://northcoastaudio.com
Hi-Fi Speakers • Dynaudio http://northcoastaudio.com

Xeo wireless Speakers • DM series • New Excite • Focus • Contour • Confidence • Evidence

Northcoast Audio is an Authorized dealer for all Dynaudio products

Northcoast Audio serves Dynaudio customers in Northern California and Southern Oregon

Visit our Showrooms at 5th and C Downtown Eureka, CA (707)444-8700

page updated 7/13/13

Quite possibly the world’s best wireless speakers, the new XEO line gives you the high end audiophile quality of Dynaudio sound with the convenience of high-resolution wireless.http://northcoastaudio.com/REVEL/Northcoast_Audio___Authorized_Dealer___REVEL_PERFORMA_3.html

*DM 2/6 $799/pr

*DM 2/7 $999/pr

*DM 3/7 $1999/pr

DM Center $699/ea

*on active display

*Xeo 3 $2299/pr

Xeo 5 $4499/pr

Xeo Transmitter $350.00/ea

*on active display

Dynaudio’s entry line of loudspeakers are far from “entry-level” anything.

A cost effective way of breaking into the world of audiophile hi-fi, the DM series represents a sophisticated sound without the high price. Danish made components, precision drivers.

High-End on a budget.

Dynaudio DM series are on active display

in our showroom

Dynaudio’s step up line has garnered top reviews all around the world.

The completely new line up was introduced to rave reviews at the 2013 Munich high end show. And we are proud to announce these will be in our showroom this fall.

taking pre-orders now

*Excite X12 $1199/pr

Excite X14 $1500/pr

Excite X24 Center $1000/ea

Excite X34 $3400/pr

Excite X38 $4500/pr

*currently on active display

All musical details, each diminutive note, every fine sound  with the new Focus series you can experience high end audio on a higher level.

The new Focus sounds more open and transparent, more detailed and dynamic and more precise than ever before.

While always maintaining the refined natural balance and homogenous sound quality for which Dynaudio is so renowned.

Focus series is available by special order

Focus 160 $2899/pr

Focus 260 $4899/pr

Focus 340 $7499/pr

Focus 380 $9500/pr

Focus 210C $1800/ea

The Confidence Signature project was inspired by Dynaudio's founder Wilfried Ehrenholz.

He has always had the ambition of one day making the best even better. A new, higher level of fine-tuning and the experience gained from creating the exceptional Dynaudio Sapphire and Consequence Ultimate Edition have helped yield this most refined Confidence II and Signature edition. Incorporating select high-performance woofers, and the finest hand-crafted wood veneer finishes, the new Confidence models have been further refined.

Every model incorporates Dynaudio's finest Esotar2 with neodymium magnet. In its newest version, it is further optimized via Dynaudio's precision coating, improving the exceptionally smooth response and the authentic reproduction of all fine musical details. The crossover has been further optimized, while the internal wiring has been upgraded. With these upgrades, the second-generation model designations are now Confidence II and Confidence Signature.

The Confidence Signature models are exclusively available in dark-brown Mocca or dark-red Bordeaux realwood finished with high gloss piano lacquer and proudly feature an aluminium backplate plate adorned with the signature of Dynaudio's founder and sole owner, Wilfried Ehrenholz.

We are happy to special order the Confidence series

Confidence C1 II


Confidence C2 II


Confidence C4II


Confidence Center II


Standard finishes

Maple, Cherry,

Rosewood or Black Ash

Upgraded finishes

High gloss white, black